Discovery Classes at Capitol Hill Assembly

Are you interested in becoming a member of Capitol Hill Assembly? Would you like to know more about the church and how to get more involved? Our Discovery Classes at Capitol Hill Assembly are a great way to do this and much more! Our next classes will be on January 21st from 5-8 pm to participate in one of four Discovery classes. Childcare and dinner will be provided. Please sign up for your desired class at the Information Center in the foyer of the church or call the church office at (405) 682-4685.

Discovery Classes:
Discovering Capitol Hill Assembly (101): This class is a great way for you to learn about our mission, our vision, and our values. This is a fun class that will enable you to find out what Capitol Hill Assembly is all about, and will give you the opportunity to become a member of the church if you so desire. Even in you’re already a member, you’re welcome to attend the class. Come and hear God is calling us to be as Christ followers here at Capitol Hill Assembly.

Discovering Spiritual Maturity (201): The focus of this class is on the principles of Bible study, prayer, and Christian fellowship. So, if you have only come to faith in Christ recently, or you have been saved for many years, we’d like to invite you to come to this class so that you can grow spiritually and be blessed in the Lord!

Discovering My Ministry (301): In this class, we will discuss how God has shaped us through the experiences in our lives and through the talents and gifts He has given us from birth. We’ll also discuss the steps in developing a deeper relationship with Christ through developing a heart to serve. Finally, we’ll discuss the church’s Ministry Menu, which is Capitol Hill Assembly’s different opportunities that we all have to become involved in ministry. We hope you will join us, as we know that God has something special in store for all of us.

Discovering My Life Mission (401): This class will help you discover why you were created and what your purpose in life is. We want to help you know how to be a messenger of God’s good news to other people, so this class will help you learn how to share your faith with others in a simple, non-threatening way. God wants every Christian to be part of building His kingdom by helping others come to know Him. This class will help you make a difference on where others spend eternity. Everyone will go to heaven or hell when they die. Let’s take as many people to heaven with us as we can.